Top – 076 When Jon’s Away…

Show Summary:
The Target Demographic teams up with The Married Gamers and take full advantage of Jonathan’s absence by discussing sports. A lot. Also, the party kicks off with everyone telling their most awkward dating story. Jonathan is glad he missed that question!

Around the Pool Table:
1. Wayne:(playing) Trials HD, BRB/RB2/GHWT, L4D Night’s, MAG – (watching) Flashforward, Frindge, Castle
2. Matt: Sacred 2, DeadSpace: Extraction, Stargate: Universe, Going to see Trail of Dead tonight, Fresno Monsters
3. Bryan: Watching baseball scores while wishing I have TBS
4. Chris: (Playing) GH5, The Beatles: RB, Katamari Forever, Harbor Master (Watching) Flashforward, Cougar Town, Modern Family -my new favorites, Also watching Dexter
5. Kelly: (Playing) Beatles, Boogie Bunnie, Gormania, Gears of War 2 (Story Mode) – (Watching) Flashforward, Cougar Town, Trama, Glee, Mercy

Main Topic: Sports:
a. Favorite teams
b. Favorite Sports Moment
c. Video Games

  1. What makes a sport game fun?
  2. What are some games that did this well?
  3. Should a game come out every year?
  4. Should there be more publishers making licensed games?
  5. Is there a sport that should get it’s own game?

d. Favorite Sports Movie?

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