Puppy Palooza Review

Game Review: Puppy Palooza
Release: 09/28/2009
Genre: Memory
Developer: Rock Ridge Games
Available Platforms: iPod Touch and iPhone
Players: 1
MSRP: $1.99
ESRB Rating: N/A

Puppy Palooza is a game for the iPod Touch and iPhone developed by Rock Ridge Games. It is currently available in the app store for $.99, but that price is going to double at the end of October. It is a cute and simple little game that uses puppies as the hook to bring you into the app.

Puppy Palooza

There are two modes of play in Puppy Palooza. The first is puppy pursuit. The gameplay is based on the old Simon Sez game. Essentially, you tap the icons below the puppies in a particular order based on what the game did first. The farther you go, the harder it is to remember the sequence. It’s a simple concept that can get pretty challenging the further you get in. The other mode is puppy palooza where you tap out your own song using the barking puppies as your instrument. You can even record your song and save it in the app.

Puppy Palooza is a nice little distraction if you’re waiting in the doctor’s office or for a movie to start. Plus, if you have a child that likes dogs, this app could keep them busy for a bit. The song creator mode will let your creativity flow once you get tired of trying to keep up with pursuit mode. I had some fun tapping out some frantic music and even some more subdued fare. The app is simple and to the point.

Puppy Pursuit

Unfortunately, the game is limited to these two modes and does not provide a ton of replay value. A quick distraction is fine, but anything more will have to be found elsewhere. Making the individual dogs a little more obvious when they bark would help in pursuit mode. An online leader board would be a welcome addition for this mode. In palooza mode, the ability to send your friends your silly puppy songs via e-mail would be better than the simple save system that is implemented as of this writing. You can save the songs you create and play them back in the app, but that’s all. Getting the songs out and to other people would go a long way in giving this app some legs.

It’s a little hard to recommend this app, even at the inexpensive price point it’s at right now. It’s light on features, but high on the “awe!” factor. I can see people with younger kids getting this more for the puppies than the actual game. If you don’t have kids, however, I would have to recommend something with a much more fleshed out experience like the new Tap Tap Revenge 3 app. Of course, with a few changes via an update, this app could be something I would recommend wholeheartedly. Until then, you’re better off getting your puppy fix using the real thing.

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