Uncharted 2 Reviewed, in so Many Words


Look, I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but nit-picking Uncharted 2 is tantamount to Pope Julius telling Michelangelo that, while the Sistine Chapel is a hell of a piece of work, he might have liked it more if Adam’s junk was a bit bigger. It seems a little ungrateful in the face of such a ridiculous bounty, you know? The entire package—both single-player and multi-player—is so polished, adroitly crafted, and fun, that whatever flaws are present become functionally invisible to me. Games like this one don’t come along often. Enjoy it—it’s perfect.


About our scale… the number of words in our review reflects the score of the game. In practical terms, you could assume that games reviewed in 49 words or fewer should be avoided, games reviewed in 50-75 words would make a decent rental, and games reviewed in 76 words or more would make a solid purchase.

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