Where The Wild Things Are Review (PS3)


Game Review: Where The Wild Things Are

Release: October 13th, 2009

Genre: Action/Adventure

Developer:Griptonite Games

Available Platforms: PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360

Players: 1

MSRP: For PlayStation 3 – $49.99

ESRB Rating: Everyone 10+

Max, a rambunctious and sensitive boy feels misunderstood at home and decides to take his boat and escape. He lands on an island where he meets mysterious and strange creatures whose emotions are as wild and unpredictable as their actions. The Wild Things desperately long for a leader to guide them and Max longs for a kingdom to rule. When Max is crowned king, he promises to create a place where everyone can be happy. He soon finds, though, that ruling the kingdom is not easy and his relationships with the Wild Things are more complicated than he originally thought.

In the game Where The Wild Things Are, you play the role of Max as you explore the Wild Things’ amazing island by running, jumping, climbing and swinging across treacherous terrain. You help Max battle fierce creatures with his golden scepter as he interacts and befriends the fearsome but lovable Wild Things and teams up with them to overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. While exploring you will learn that the island is on the brink of destruction and it’s up to Max to help the Wild Things to safety.

wild_parade_composite_final-copy I was extremely impressed with this game. It’s set up very well, great instruction, lots of things to do and many different goals throughout the game. The graphics are fantastic, and the soundtrack fits it perfectly. There are many things to do, you can follow the storyline and you also get breaks to run around the village, collect items while learning how to do things.

One of the biggest parts of the game is collecting items. In the beginning you’re told how many of each item you will have to find in the game. For example, Judith is planting a garden in the village. She needs seeds to be able to finish the garden. The more seeds you find the bigger the garden gets are the more plants you can grow. Your first 5 seeds will get you a water tree, which you can pluck drops of water from to water the other plants to make them grow. Max will also collect rocks for Ira to eat. Ira is constantly hungry and loves to munch on the green rocks found around the island.

When you get used to the mechanics and really start the story you will be taken around the island by Carol. You will find that there is mucky black stuff destroying the island and you need to figure out what it is and how to stop it. It’s causing craters, polluting the water, and it’s making Ira sick because he doesn’t know when and what he should be eating and digests the nasty black muck.

Now, not all of the Wild Things think you are fit to be king. They think Max is too small and would rather eat him than make him their ruler. They will take you on an adventure and test you. Make you climb high and dangerous places and use feathers to soar across huge trenches and over ocean waves. If you make any of them mad in the beginning they will even chase you down and eat you.

I have to give thanks to my two little helpers on this review. Eleven year old Kristina and eleven year old Adam both came over and played with me to give me their input on the game. Each of them got to play the game from the start on their own, as did I.

My first helper to come over to play was Kristina. She played for two hours and said it felt like not much time had gone by at all. She loved the fact that you had freedom to run around on your own time and look at everything. Kristina had read the book, barely remembering the story line, but loved the game either way. She had a great time with all the activities and took to it very easily. Her favorite things to do were sailing the boat to look for what was destroying the island and getting to ride on Carol’s shoulders and run around.

Adam was my second little helper. The first thing he commented on was the graphics and how he thought they were very good. He had never read the book, and picked up to the story very quickly. Without any instruction from me, or from reading the enclosed book that comes with the game, he got through all the obstacles on his own and had a great time learning how the game played.


I was a big fan of the checkpoint system and how when you fail/die you go right back to the most recent checkpoint. They make it so that this can happen an unlimited amount of times so trying and failing at one obstacle or another isn’t very frustrating. The graphics were also incredible. It reminded me so much of the book and a lot like the movie trailers. The load time was also a positive of this game as it loaded very quickly.


One thing, and the only thing, that I was not fond of was how it shows the tips. While loading, it will show a few different tips on things in the game (example: press square and hold to do a power attack). It will give some time in between tips to be able to read them, but as soon as it’s done loading, it switches to the game, not giving you enough time to read the last tip. If I could change it I would make it so that you had to press X to continue so that you had time to read.

All in all a very good game. I highly recommend it. It’s good for all ages, male and female, and even for people that have never read the book or seen the movie. Let the wild rumpus begin!

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