GTA: Chinatown Wars Out For Revenge Gameplay


With the release of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars for the PSP still being fresh, Rockstar has brought us some gameplay footage from the newly released game for the PSP.  As you can see by the video the gameplay look is very similar to the look of the gameplay from the Nintendo DS, without the use of the stylus of course.

Also released are some new features available on the Rockstar Games Social Club.  Players will now be able to log in and find new web games such as Peking Duck Hunt which will allow you to earn in game cash and other rewards.   The update to the Social Club will also give you access to an all new Chinatown Wars Guide Map, that will help you find every security camera, stunt jump, rampage and every last drug deal in the city.  So check out the Social Club for all the details and images from this update, plus this update is not exclusive for the PSP as it covers the DS also.

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