Tritton AX 720 Gaming Headset Review

Review: Tritton AX 720 Headset
Release: 10/01/09
Developer: Tritton
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
MSRP: $129.00


The Tritton 720 Headset is a wired headset made for the Xbox 360, PS3, and the PC. It gives you 5.1 Digital Surround Sound and lets you talk to others gamers while playing online. Its big brother, the Tritton 900, simply has more inputs so that the headset can be used with the Wii and other systems.

The Tritton 720 headset comes with a lot of stuff. In the box you get the headset, the mic attachment, the source control box, the headset cord, the 360 adapter cord, the PS3 mic adapter, the optical cord, the AC adapter, the instructions, and a little booklet of advertisements of other Tritton products, each probably filled with stuff too.

Even with all of that stuff packed into the box, the Trittons aren’t very hard to set up. If you read the instructions it shouldn’t take very long. The instructions show you how to hook up each individual console; 360, PS3, PC, and even DVD players. It took me about fifteen minutes to have the headset hooked up to my system.


The headset feels comfortable on your head. Not too heavy, but you still know that they are on there. The headset covers your entire ear instead of resting on them. This helps both the comfort of the headset as well as the sound of the games.

Ok, enough of the other stuff. How do they sound, you ask. They sound great! They really enhanced all of the games that I tried it with (Gears 2, Resistance, GTA4, and some others). The headset surrounds your ears and engrosses you in the game. Being especially interested in the surround sound, I tried MGS4. Not only was the overall sound great, from gun fire to music, I could tell where guards were looking for me with the help of the surround sound.

Most of the other headsets I have owned had great sound or a great mic. The Tritton 720 has both. Playing Gears online, I could hear my teammates clearly and they could hear me. It picked up my voice but not the other noise going on around me. There are separate controls for voice and the game, which really lets you decide what is perfect for you.


One downside of the headset is for people who have a setup where it is hard to get to the back of your systems. If you have only a PS3 or 360 then you will be fine. Set it up once and you are done. But if you have both systems then it could be hard to get to the back of your consoles to switch the optical cord back and forth. Also, if you do not like cords then this might not be for you. It has a long cord from the control box to the headset, and will have cords going from the box to the wall and to your consoles. If you have a shortage of outlets near your entertainment area then you will have to make room for the Tritton 720.

Bobby’s Final Say: The Tritton 720 headset is great. The price is steep, but not when compared to other surround sound headphones. If you want a headset for just the PS3 or 360 then I would go with these over the Tritton 900. Perhaps the most telling thing I can say about this headset is, there won’t be a game in the future I won’t play with these bad boys on my head.

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  • Great review Bobby, I really enjoyed what you had to say about this. I played around with them and E3 and PAX and I was impressed every time, these just seem like a great budget headset.

  • Nice writeup! I did have a couple questions. How many speakers are in each ear cup? If it’s two, does the amp on the 720 utilize Dolby Headphone?

  • @wyoming there are one speaker in each cup and they use Dolby Headphone and Dolby Digital to provide a surround sound environment.

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  • Ok i just purchased today at BestBuy. 1/12/10 I honestly can tell you they are great for normal sound. Game play is great with this setup. Does it give you true 5.1 no but it realy isnt that bad. For $129.00 its over priced. I am upset the mic didnt work. I looked it over and concluded that the mic plastic connection is the problem. It doesnt give a great secure connection to ear piece. You have to put upward force to make the medal piece make a proper connection. I was able to use scotch tape in place of me holding it upward. In the end it is a nice product in the range of $50.00 just not worth 129.00 with a flaw from the factory. I must say im taking this product back for a full refund. Just a tip for ps3 people who have a modern stereo reciever with an optical port. Buy high end earphones “used” clip on your bluetooth to bottom of earpiece. Its not pretty but its cheaper than $129.00 and it will give you everything you are hoping for, but at half the price.

  • Wilk5280

    I don’t get what the issue is with the mic that people are having. I have this headset and the mic works just fine. Maybe people aren’t inserting it correctly to where you have to line it up and then twist or turn it into place. It fastens securely and nobody on the other end has had issues with echoing, etc due to my headset.

    The sound is pretty good, I just wish they were wireless. 130 is still a little steep, but you can probably find these bad boys cheaper by now.

  • jesse

    do these work for the xbox 360 arcade ?

  • just got me a set they are fabolous, put together really well. If you got the money and want something that sounds great buy “em

  • The mic worked fine for a few weeks, but now it is so intermittent. You have to have the mic in one specific spot or it does not work at all and that spot is pressed into you cheek. But a turtle beach these are shoddy workmanship!!

  • The mic worked fine for a few weeks, but now it is so intermittent. You have to have the mic in one specific spot or it does not work at all and that spot is pressed into your cheek. Buy a turtle beach these are shoddy workmanship!!

  • I dont know whats wrong with yalls maybe they got an update or somethin cause its been about six-seven weeks and they are still fantastic. i had turtle beaches and they cost me about 160 and they would only let me hear things not tell me where they are and the mic still is amazing too!!

  • George

    Got the head set about 3 days ago and I noticed when I would talk sometimes no one heard me so I’m always repeating my self that’s the only problem I have

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