3D Dot Game Heroes Coming To NA


Hooray! I have been holding back posting about 3D Dot Game Heroes on Platform Nation for a while because I was not sure the game would make its way to North America. But, via Destructoid and the official PlayStation twitter, today it was announced that the game is coming to NA!

Most of you reading this probably have no idea why I am excited, because most of you probably haven’t heard about 3D Dot Heroes. Lets fix that. Check out the trailer below (sorry if you have to sit through an advertisement).

3D Dot Game Heroes looks fantastically quirky and fun. The game is from From Software, who recently released a sleeper hit in Demon’s Souls, and it is one of the most original “updating” of classic games ever. Instead of changing the gameplay and graphics, it just rips a game that could have been from the SNES era and throws it on the PS3. The switching from 2D to 3D at the beginning of the trailer is a great way to show gamers what 3D Dot Heroes is trying to do.


The music, setting, horrible translation, weird story, swords that appear from now where, and giant pixel characters all poke fun at old adventure games while keeping the gameplay. It is a parody of classic games, most obviously Zelda, that makes fun of classics while still very much loving and embracing them. Like the way Shaun of the Dead makes fun of zombie movies while being a great zombie movie itself.

Check out some more pictures of 3D Dot Game Heroes below and start getting excited.


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