Geek Culture! Halloween-Geek Style

67498_001As Halloween approaches, I thought it might be fun to drum up a few geeky ideas to celebrate the night of tricking, treating, and lots of candy. Some these ideas are social, some are not, but all of them get in the spirit of the holiday.

  1. Make your own geeky music list. Might I suggest starting with “Re: Your Brains” and “Creepy Doll” by Jonathan Coulton.
  2. Throw a costume party. Require that all guests come as either as a video game, superhero, or movie. This blog entry has some great, and hilarious, ideas.
  3. Curl up with a good, scary book. May I recommend Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters or Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Jane Austen and Ben H. Winters? (Truthfully, reading these books in the fashion is the only way I can stomach Austen)
  4. Load up a film camera with black and white film and go take some creepy pictures of the Halloween decorations in your neighborhood.
  5. Hand out goodies to the kiddies. Do something different like pencils, spider rings, or rubber eyeballs. Target has a wonderful selection of goodies like this.
  6. Get on the zombie trend! Go watch Woody Harrelson’s Zombieland or Netflix something like Shaun of the Dead, Day of the Dead, or the Evil Dead.
  7. Want something a little more absurd to watch? Pick up Army of Darkness. Bruce Campbell is the man!
  8. Screw the whole thing play Forza 3, which is being released on October 27th.
  9. Still want to screw the whole thing? DJ Hero comes out the same day.
  10. Finally, play creepy video game!! Dead Rising, anything in the Resident Evil series, Geist, Luigi’s Mansion, Left 4 Dead, or any horror survival game would make an excellent choice to play on Halloween. The only requirement: you must play with the lights OFF.

I hope this gives something to do on Halloween rather than dress up, go trick-or-treating, and pretend that you’re a kid. Just yanking your scary chain. Happy Halloween!

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