GTA: Episodes From Liberty City Princess Robot Bubblegum Clip

Rockstar has given us a video that gives us a look into one of the shows that can be caught on TV in The Ballad of Gay Tony.  This clip shows a sneak peek at the hit anime show Princess Robot Bubblegum that is taking Liberty City by storm.  Other new shows include Republican Space Rangers, The Men’s Room and I’m Rich.  I would like to see the other new shows and can only imagine what Rockstar has come up with as far as stories go for them.   Don’t forget to mark your calender as you will be able to get your hands on GTA: Episodes From Liberty City October 29th for the Xbox 360.

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  • ZED


    The one thing I am pissed off about Episodes from LC is that in Canada it costs 50 DORRAH! Why does is cost that much? Does the exclusive radio station only available for the CD jack up the price by 10 DORRAH?