Nintendo Brings “The Doc” Out Of Retirement Today

Did you happen to obtain Platinum Status with the Nintendo of America’s “Club Nintendo”  before June 30, 2009 ?

Did you also manage to choose the “For Download only” game “Doc Louis’s Punch Out”  instead of the Mario Cap As your bonus ?

If you answered “Yes” to the previous questions, I have great news for you!  If you check your inbox RIGHT NOW, you should have received an email from Club Nintendo stating your free game is ready for Download.  Keep in mind, the codes they have are unique to your N.O.A. accounts, so I don’t think you will be able to share this with your friends, but you can still invite them over and make fun of them for not spending all of THEIR money on Nintendo products, right ?

The email also states that you have until June 2010 to redeem your codes.

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