Prepare For An Invasion

An interesting email showed up in my inbox today.  From time to time, Platform Nation likes to show some appreciation to our readers by holding community gaming nights… but this time, things are going overboard. 51 Marketing is organizing a massive COD: 4 gaming night that will span over two dozen online communities just like ours.  For those who are interested, I’m assured that there will be some “pretty big goodies” for participating.  Keep an eye on the front page for more details (including a final date for the event,) which will be coming soon.  A copy of the press release follows:

Atten…hut! Skon-Kyskadi!

The year is 2009 and we rest on the 26th day of October. You’ve
each been recruited and selected to take part in the greatest
organized attack on gaming…code named The Invasion. Some of you
bring your own army into this attack while others bring only
themselves and the lint in their pockets. Each of you will play a
critical role in The Invasion.

We’ve identified the target ladies and gentlemen. And we’ve
selected our weaponry to invade.

Target: Xbox LIVE
Weapon of Choice: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Invasion: Time and Date TBA

We’re going to engage in a massive gathering of people at one time
for one single purpose. We’re going to all come together like
Voltron…synced up, linked up…one big pile of gamers
participating all at one time in a massive attack of gaming on
Modern Warfare to usher in the sequel. It will be the single
greatest attack ever organized. If you own it, great….if not,
prepare to rent it!

There are currently over 23 communities involved in helping stage
The Invasion and even more individual gamers. I wanted to thank
those of you standing at the ready. I’ve attached the first
propaganda to be used in identifying those in on the attack.

Only you will have the official propaganda bearing the mark of The
Invasion. Once the hour of attack has been decided upon, I’ll send
another mission alert with the final invasion kit. In the meantime,
wear the official mark of the attack and be an invader. Share it
with your friends and communities to prepare them for the attack.

Mission Alert. End.

-Foxtrot Oscar

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