Rockstar Releases Achievements For The Ballad Of Gay Tony

For those of you that can’t get enough of Liberty City, Rockstar’s newest addition to the Episodes of Liberty City hits store shelves (on retail disc w/ The Lost and Damned) and Xbox LIVE Marketplace in less than two days (12:00 AM, October 29, 2009).

Rockstar has just released the ten (10) additional achievements that The Ballad of Gay Tony will contain on the episode’s official website. The list looks diverse and pretty comprehensive, considering the possible activities that you will have access to throughout the campaign’s gameplay. Tasks include: dancing, cage-fighting, base-jumping, drug wars, golf, and the usual completion achievements for campaign-related tasks.

Getting your groove on as Luis Lopez nets you an achievement.

Now, without further adieu, here they are:

GONE DOWN (5G) – Complete all base jumps

DIAMONDS FOREVER (5G) – Complete the Trinity (yes, the same Trinity mission from Niko’s storyline)

CATCH THE BUS (15G) – Dance perfectly in both of Tony’s clubs

BEAR FIGHT (15G) – Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship

SNOW QUEEN (20G) – Complete 25 drug wars

FOUR PLAY (10G) – Hit a flag with a golf ball four (4) times

ADRENALINE JUNKIE (25G) – Freefall for the longest time

MAESTRO (30G) – Finish the Ballad

PAST THE VELVET ROPE (45G) – Score 80% or above in all missions

GOLD STAR (80G) – Score 100% in all missions

There you have it, ladies and gents! Those are the achievements that you will be shooting for (pardon the pun) come October 29. Enjoy yourselves, as this looks like the last entry in the GTA 4 saga. I’ve already purchased my MS Points, and am counting down the hours.

Time to party like it’s 1999… er, wait, I mean 2009.

Source: Rockstar Games

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