Need Something To Do On Halloween? Check PlayStation Home!


Can’t find anything to do this Halloween? Don’t like to be out in all the chaos? Maybe you’d just rather hang out with your online buddies than dressing up? Well Sony is coming to the rescue! PlayStation Home will be the host to two different events, one for the US and one for Europe!

The festivities start this Friday night, October 30th for us here in the US. Before Friday evening, make sure you visit DeadQuarters and make yourself one of the living dead. Then you will have to head on over to and cast your vote to allow zombies to run free on PlayStation Home. Why are we voting you ask? As shown on

“While many of us are happy to embrace zombies as our friends, neighbors, policemen, payroll auditors, brain surgeons, and 400-level college philosophy professors, there are a few extremists out there that are determined to keep PlayStation Home free of what they call “a moral menace.” At the forefront of this political movement is the think tank organization known as the S.P.A.Z. (Society of People Against Zombies). Headed up by R Phunrooner, President (and reputed “recovering horror movie addict”), this group has taken an aggressive approach to ridding PlayStation Home of the undead – from a full-on anti-zombie advertising campaign to actually attempting to censor the male zombie head.

Luckily, the S.P.A.Z. is not without opposition. A non-profit zombie rights organization is challenging R Phunrooner and the S.P.A.Z.’s efforts by setting up a webpage where zombies and zombie-sympathizers alike can voice their support for the deceased (that have just recently returned to life).”

Are you for letting the zombies run free? Make sure you vote, then show up at 11:59pm EST to find out the results!


As for the European side of things, they start shaking it up October 31st. The party will take place between 6p-8p GMT at the Burn Zombie Burn space. Make sure you come dressed accordingly and you will get a (trick or) treat! There are five new costumes available in Threads for you to obtain. If you are wearing one of the five exclusive costumes you will receive a very special Reward!!

Come join me (FFXPrincess) at Playstation Home starting Friday night (I will be at the US festivities). Halloween is one of my all time favorite holidays! Mix that in with video games and friends and I’ll be up partying all night!!

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