Xbox 360 Update


The next time you sign into Xbox Live you will receive a prompt for a mandatory update.  This update is not the one you have been waiting for that includes Twitter and Facebook, that one is still scheduled for next month unless you got into the preview program, but instead this is an update that will provide support for Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter.

Just seems like we should have had WPA2 support  awhile ago, but I guess it’s better late than never.  Also this update will not affect your preview program update that you may have received.  Concerns where raised about the the wireless update overriding the preview, but there is no need for concern.

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  • ZED

    Anyone here have the preview of the BIG update? I only really care about

  • I do and I don’t use any of the “new” features

  • ZED I do not have the preview and really have no interest in it. I say that now until I start using it, but I will not use Facebook as I don’t have and don’t want Facebook.

  • ZED

    I don’t have Facebook, so its no use to me, I have a twitter account but I see no use for it on a 360, unless you use Raptr, which it may hopefully update faster and is the only one I care about, but I don’t see myself using it a lot since you can’t use it in-game.

  • None of the new features are accessible enough to be of any use whatsoever. This ‘update’ feels thrown together to please those that don’t have computers near them while they game. The only way to make these new features worthwhile is to build them into the guide akin to the messenger function. Also, the applications MUST be able to be run in the background, or this update is 100% hype and 0% delivery.

  • ZED

    I know won’t work while in-game, and if their smart about the new features you’ll be able to access the new features via a tab under a location when you press the Guide Button. Not it’s own tab section but, their are a few empty spots under tabs where they could be placed nicely.