Fret Nice, A Platformer You Play With Your Guitar Controler!


There has always been a joke about someone actually doing something more with all those rhythm based guitars we seem to collect in our homes, and if my Aunt Sally had not slapped me on my rear with five pounds of brown sugar bacon I would not have believed anyone would attempt to make it happen. Straight from the publisher who likes to bring jiggly boobs to your games, Tecmo, and from the developers who live in the land of girls with nice jiggly boobs, Sweden, Pieces Interactive are soon releasing Fret Nice – the first platform game played with a guitar controller, for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Fret Nice is a very stylized platform game with a distinct art style, many music tracks and support for every guitar controller on the market. As of yet there has been no mention of “what” type of music, and or how it will be used to play the game. Until then, enjoy some of these screen shots for Fret Nice,  available on Xbox LIVE Arcade and PlayStation Network in early 2010.



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  • ZED

    I will definitely give this a try!

  • wait…your Aunt Sally did what?

  • ZED

    That is a freaky picture Teetocks.
    Apparently his Aunt slapped him on his rear with five pounds of Brown Sugar Bacon. Now, i’ve heard of Brown Sugar, but Brown Sugar Bacon? That does not sound appetizing.

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