Platform Nation Decides: Modern Warfare 2 Leaked Footage


Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 caused a lot of controversy with some footage that was leaked this week. The footage showed a section of the upcoming game in which players are put into the role of a terrorist attacking an airport (there are rumors that you are really a double agent, but that doesn’t matter too much). In the footage, the person playing kills many innocent and unarmed civilians. I believe the person even uses a grenade at one point.

Infinity Ward has released a statement saying that this section of the game is there to show gamers the brutal reality of terrorism, not to glorify it in any way. They also stated that before that segment is a warning that a disturbing scene is coming up and even gives gamers the chance to skip the whole thing. The footage is taken out of context and it seems like many of the innocents the gamer killed in the video could have simply been ignored.

Obviously there are strong opinions about the sections flying around the internet. They range from “this should be removed from the game” to “gamers shouldn’t be able to skip it.”

So Platform Nation, lets hear your opinion on this controversy. Say what you think and why in the comments section of this post. Platform Nation, you decide!

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  • Hoshneer

    Pull the entire scene, I don’t want to play the terrorist and I don’t think it’s appropriate. The only thing that would really piss me off is if there are acheivements attached to killing innocent people.

  • Dosh

    Screw u Hoshneer, it’s a game dude. Createive freedom. It’s IW’s fame not yours. Don’t like it, don’t buy. Personally i’m not concerned.

  • Not for nothing but I have been plowing down citizens since GTA is it right no, do I realize that it’s only a game, yes. I can see peoples points in being up in arms over terrorist killing innocent people, but it’s only a game. If it holds an M rating than only mature people should be playing it and as we all know as responsible Mature adults we will see that it is only a game.

  • Scott I couldn’t agree more. Why do people think this is the first time this is happening? GTA has been doing this since day one, why didn’t you gamers have issues with it then?

    There is a reason the game is rated M, it’s because only adults are suppose to play it. And if you want the game but don’t want to mow down innocent people, SKIP THE SCENE!

    The last thing I want though is a watered down vision to their game and their story because of some overly sensitive types.

    Activision/Infinity Ward put this scene into the game for a reason, they wanted us to experience just how ruthless the terrorist are and why we must stop them at any means.

    I personally want to thank them for not lowering their game to the lowest common denominator and keeping their vision of what they want the story to be about and how they want to put it out there.

  • Carlito507

    I’m with Dosh on this one. If you don’t like it don’t buy it. I don’t see the big deal with it it’s just a video game. There’s plenty of games out there that have controversial content. It’s called creative freedom.

  • Am I the only one that tries to shoot unarmed people in games even when it’s not necessary? Not that it’s ever necessary, but still.

  • Good points by all, but rather than bringing up GTA, I’ll go to something that hits a little closer to home.

    Modern Warfare is widely lauded as one of the best multiplayer experiences there is, yet you play as Allied and Terrorist forces throughout.

    If you find the terrorist scene in poor taste, maybe you should’ve been up in arms when you, as a terrorist, shot, killed, maimed, blew up, and did multiple other less-than-moral things to what were “our” allied troops in the first Modern Warfare.

    This scene is only there to give you perspective as to why they are to be stopped. It’s to motivate you to dislike/hate them enough to WANT to finish the game. It’s no different than any movie that has a villain. Taken, for instance, *spoilers* takes you inside makeshift brothels to make you hate the people that start them – that way when they die you feel a bit of redemption.

    The only difference between this and just about every revenge movie ever made is that you have to do the navigating. Putting you in the place of the terrorist offers perspective that you can’t get otherwise. It’s meant to resonate within you and CHARGE you to take the fight to them before they have the chance to bring it to you.

    Bottom line, it’s meant to ring emotion from you. Showing you the faces of the innocent first hand. It’s one of the few times I’ve seen developers try to pull emotion – and it get this much recognition.

    If you couldn’t tell by now, I not only want them to keep the scene, but I can’t wait to play it for myself to see – and feel – Infinity Ward’s intentions for myself.