On The Horizon

It is 2006 your watching an amazing cinematic as you wondering the name of this game, the purchase price and the release date. Sadly the game was just a Bench Mark test something to test your PCs graphic capability. Most people walked away with their heads low only hoping and dreaming that they could get their hands on this great looking title. Wait though flash to present day it seems some game God has heard those few prayers. Futuremark the company behind the old bench mark test is bringing to us the game Shattered Horizon.

Shattered Horizon

Image provided via: Futuremark

Shattered Horizonis Futuremark’s first proper foray into the gaming space the company is ultimately known to us for their benchmarking software, 3DMark and PCMark. Its free-flying gameplay is split into three modes: Battle, in which two teams capture control points, Assault, a “push”-style scenario in which captured points change ownership permanently, and finally Skirmish, which is essentially team deathmatch. The choice to only include 32 simultaneous players per fight during the closed beta is a surprisingly low number for a game with such tremendous implications of room and distance, so I only have to assume the company’s direction for level design both forces and focuses the action into closer quarters by making the combat more reliant on cover and positioning. Check the game out at the official site here: Shattered Horizon

Bench Mark 2006

Shattered Horizon Trailer

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  • ZED

    Very Interesting. Looks like there will be co-op!