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Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack in Time Reviewed, in so Many Words

There are many things I expect from a modern Ratchet game: pinpoint controls, inventive weaponry, visuals worthy of an animated feature, and a zany, Looney-Toons-style sense of humor. A Crack in Time fully delivers on those bullet points, then goes on to surprise with an outer-space-roaming open-world structure, time-manipulating puzzles that could be described as […]

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The Year’s Best, According to Metacritic

For most gamers, review scores are an invaluable tool in determining whether or not a particular game is woth buying. is perhaps the most widely used review aggregate site; it assigns and adapts scores from various media outlets into a simple 10 point rating scale.  Since the Holiday season is upon us, I decided […]

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Release Round-Up for the Week of November 29

by John Catuira
I hope everyone’s sufficiently recovered from their turkey comas because there are still more new games to buy.  Just in time for the Holidays, highlights for this week’s releases are below.
Two weeks before the movie release, James Cameron’s Avatar: The Game puts the player on the planet Pandora, amidst a conflict between the […]

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