Fragging Good Time

Split FishForget the motion controls and get ready to wrap your grubby little fingers around something new and exciting coming out to the gaming market. What is it you ask? Why would I want it? If you are one of the gamers that hates to use a controller over your tried and true mouse and keyboard you might be surprised by this device. One company listened to the gamers that wanted the best of both worlds and the Frag Fx made by Split Fish was born. A controller and a mouse all rolled in one giving the gamer back the control. Okay now you need to wipe the drool from your mouth because it only gets better. Coming soon the DUAL SFX FRAG PRO and the DUAL SFX EVOLUTION both coming just in time for Modern Warfare 2.

Dual Sfx Frag Pro-The new controller showcases a 2000dpi customized gaming mouse and functions as a full featured wireless PS3 and PC gaming controller with programmable button configurations and adjustable mouse aiming that provides unprecedented levels of accuracy. The 2000 DPI laser mouse provides PC-like accuracy and easy PS Home navigation, while the left-hand grip provides full Six Axis motion control and a whole slew of customization functions and other special performance features. Charging comes as easy as setting the unit on a base when the gaming is done. Split fish also added something called Frag Control Center that allows easy button mapping.


Dual Sfx Evolution-Is a two part controller that gives users an adjustable analog stick that promises a new level of customization for gamers. The fully featured controller gives all the best analog stick control can offer PLUS it offers up assignable dual independent wireless motion for six axis or analog stick emulation as well as “wrist flick” button triggering. Can we say great control for games like Madden, Fifa and almost anything to that standard of game.

With the motion control era coming it seems Split Fish is aligned to offer some great options for gamers. Right now available only for the PS3 gamers sorry Xbox 360 users.

Check Out the website here: SplitFish

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