GameHounds Episode 86: Tim Just Pawn in Game of Life


Mongo like this episode. Balmer like, too.

Commander Tim nice man. So is Cooper Hawkes. Edie Sellers have pretty face and nice voice. They talk games. And news. Lots of news. Week very big and full with news. They make Mongo laugh. They funny.

Show this week include:

  • Xbox Live Dashboard Update preview not nice. Mongo hate.
  • Sony lose lots of money on Playstation 3. That make Mongo sad.
  • Nokia stop support of N-Gage. Mongo sad about that, too.
  • Sega Racing Classic, or another word for next Daytona game but without bad words like “Daytona” and “NASCAR,” testing in arcades now.
  • Balmer make mistake last week. Major Nelson correct. But maybe Balmer not make mistake and Major Nelson lie. Mongo confused now.
  • X-Game finally make adapter for Xbox 360. Mongo say Microsoft can suck it.
  • Nintendo announce new DSi called DSi XL. Will be larger.
  • Random stuff, email and thank yous.

Enjoy, nice people. Go night-night now.

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