New Screenshots From Red Dead Redemption


From the Rockstar Newswire, we’ve been given a few new screenshots for the exciting, explosive next entry into Rockstar’s Red Dead IP, Red Dead Redemption.

Personally, I definitely remember playing the first title on the original Xbox, and this title looks bigger and badder. I just hope that there is a completely open free-roam MP mode, almost to the point of MMO, but that would be difficult to pull off without a recurring subscription apart from Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE Gold membership. Nevertheless, I would like to see at least 32 players able to get into a game at once, rather than the defacto 16.

By the way, the final screenshot below, is blurred in the background because it’s hot in a desert western town. I’ve seen numerous comments/posts on other sites berating Rockstar for this only to look like fools because they didn’t understand simple things like heat waves.

Source: Rockstar Games

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