Show Me Your Swag!!

This is an idea I have been toying with for a while now.  I would love to see and show off your gaming swag!  It could be store-bought, received free with a game, or picked up at a convention.  All you have to do is send me a JPG at [email protected] and I’ll post the the three that I like best from all the entries every few weeks.  All the entries will be put into the flickr photo set “Show Me Your Swag” on my flickr photostream. You will be fully credited.  To enter, include your name, e-mail, and the name you would be like to be posted with the photo.  Let me know what it is (if it isn’t obvious), where your got it, and any interesting stories you have about it.

To start off, click through for a few things that Sam and I have around the house that would make great examples of what I’m looking for.

Soul Calibur Keychain

First item up is the Soul Calibur IV key chain I got when I bought the game from a friend.  The key chain came with the pre-order.

Harvest Moon 10th Anniverary Chickens

These fuzzy guys came with my game Rune Factory:  A Fantasy Harvest Moon for the series’ 10th anniversary as a pre-order surprise!

Super Mario Mushroom

This funky Super Mario Bros. mushroom came from Spencer’s gifts and is actually a container for mints. It was a great impulse purchase.

See what I want?  Start sending me your swag pics!

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