Brutal Legend Review

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Game Review: Brutal Legend
Release: October 16, 2009 (US)
Genre: Action
Developer: Double Fine
Available Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3
Players: 1
ESRB Rating: M

Brutal Legend is a game from the legendary game developer Tim Schafer, it features Tenacious D front-man Jack Black as the voice actor for the main character Eddie Riggs. And the game is full of metal. Tim Schafer said that he wanted the game to be like playing the front cover of a heavy metal album and trust me it is. You can’t go for a minute without seeing some huge monument that looks dark and epic. This game encapsulates the feeling of metal, every cut scene or every voice line that is said in the game makes you feel like holding down your middle fingers and doing the symbol of metal with your hands in the air. The writing in this game is phenomenal and Jack Black delivers the lines so perfectly with his trademark yelling awesome voice making him the perfect person to be the voice of Eddie Riggs.

Eddie Riggs is a Roadie, and the job of a roadie is to help the band. If something goes wrong on the stage, it’s a Roadies job to make sure that it is fixed. In the words of Eddie Riggs. “by the time that you notice that the roadie is on stage, he is already gone”. The game starts with Eddie doing his normal roadie stuff behind the scenes of a concert, when all of a sudden through a series of events he dies.. oh did I mention that blood gets into his belt buckle that his father gave him and he gets plunged into the land of rock!


Eddie soon realizes that his standard guitars can now be used as weapons and he has plenty of epic rock skills. And then this is where you begins, you soon acquire the deuce also known as the Druid plow and you have a huge open world of metal. The story is too deep and awesome that I won’t get too far into it and spoil it for you, but all I can say about the story is that it is one of the top story lines that I have played this year. Absolutely amazing writing.

The gameplay itself is so hard to describe because it encapsulates at least 3 different genres. You have an open world to explore, with plenty of collectibles in it but then what most people don’t realize that this isn’t just a one person sword slashing game. You get the power to control a whole army of metal! Once you gain control of this huge army, you have very basic controls over the army, you can upgrade your units, get more units from the stage, and do basic controls, such as attack over there, come back. etc… If I’m honest with you, I’m really disappointed by this section of the game, it really doesn’t fit in and i was going into this game not even knowing this part existed.


Eventually you start getting into a groove with this game. You do a mission that involves you playing as Eddie Riggs on foot, you do a mission in which you command your army. And you do a couple of the side missions to be able to get more upgrades for your vehicle. Rinse and repeat. The side missions get tedious and boring after a while, even with guest appearances by people like Kyle Gass. The soundtrack is amazing, as you can expect, every single song on the soundtrack is a classic amazing rock song, and you will love it every second when you jump in your car and the speakers start thumping out a glorious heavy metal anthem. The graphic design is also amazing, you can tell that every mouth movement and rock statue has been finely crafted by the guys over at Double Fine.

Final Thoughts: Brutal Legend is a game that you either hate, or love. But the problem that you have is that if you like one genre, then you might not like the other genre’s in the game. So you may end up dreading getting to the next part of the story for the bit you don’t like. But if you have been a fan of rock, metal, Jack Black or driving around in an awesome car with rockets fastened to the side, then Brutal Legend is definitely for you.

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  • ZED

    Well worth the money!