Halo Waypoint Goes Live Today

by John Catuira

For those of you lucky enough to participate in the Xbox Live Update Preview, you’ve already had a taste of Halo Waypoint. This is a friendly reminder for everyone else that Halo Waypoint will be officially available today, November 5.


For those that don’t already know, Halo Waypoint will be the Xbox 360 dashboard hub for anything and everything Halo. Fans will have access to screenshots, community content, trailers and interviews in addition to a career system that tracks your achievements across all Halo games, allowing you to level up in your Waypoint rank.

For those of you that can’t get enough of dressing up your Xbox paper doll, avatar awards are no longer relegated to Splosion Man. Everyone will be able to earn Halo Waypoint avatar awards which include an ODST helmets, t-shirts and hoodies. Halo Waypoint launches today.

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