Mass Effect 2 Collector’s Edition Revealed


Oh. My. God.

Those are the only three words needed to describe EA/BioWare’s collector’s edition of Mass Effect 2. If you (like me) have been looking forward to this game almost as much as your wedding day of even the birth of your first child (BOTH are stretching it; praying my fiancee never sees this entry), then you should SPRINT down to your local game retailer and reserve it.

Like NOW.

Why are you still reading this?!

For those that already haven’t caused multiple accidents by running countless red lights and losing the cops wanting to pull you for numerous traffic violations, here is a list of the goodies that you get for the BARGAIN price of $69.99 (yes, only $10 more than the standard edition):

• A premium, tin case
• The full version of the game (also available with the standard edition
• A 48-page hardcover “Art of Mass Effect 2” book
• Issue 1 of the Mass Effect Redemption comic book (available separately)
• A bonus DVD with behind-the-scenes and making-of videos
• Unique in-game weapons and armor that can only be obtained by purchasing this version

Since I’ve already pre-ordered my copy of the comic book (in a plastic bag with a backer), this copy is the one that I’ll be reading. Also, the extra in-game items will likely be made available for purchase over XBLM at some point in the future, so don’t get your undies in a twist over that.

Also, check out the newest trailer released today: Mass Effect 2 – Enemies.

I know that I’m a huge BioWare and RPG fan in general, but Mass Effect 2 is my early front-runner for 2010 Game of the Year.


Box Art (TIN)


In-game Gear


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