Mass Effect 2 – Enemies Trailer


In Mass Effect, you fought various Geth, mercenaries, a few Asari commandos, a few Geth husks, an Asari Matriarch, and a crazed rogue Spectre, all being controlled by Sovereign, a Reaper.

That will be like a walk in the damn park compared to what you’ll have to deal with in Mass Effect 2. After watching the below trailer myself, I saw the following:

Collectors, Geth, Husks (multiple forms and power levels), and a particular Geth called LEGION who is unlike any Geth you have ever faced. He speaks. He is also 100% obsessed with you.

Good luck.

I can’t wait to take Grunt and beat the living daylights out of some of these things. I’ll get my chance on January 26.

Source: (YouTube)

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