Digital Cowboys: Episode 129

DC 129 Alt

In this week’s packed show we talk to Jamie Cheng; CEO of Klei Entertainment. We get some insight into the creation of the game he’s currently overseeing; named Shank. I got to play it at PAX this year and since then I’ve been dying to get Jamie on the show to talk about it. The project is still shrouded in secrecy but we do get to know a little more about the thought processes that went into it’s design, some info about the team behind it and some of Jamie’s gaming opinions. You can find out more about Shank here on the official blog.

As well as that, Tony reviews DJ Hero in-depth and we assess whether it’s worth the hefty asking price. We also discuss our time at the Eurogamer Expo in London. The games of note are Alien vs. Predator, and God of War III. We finish off with an appraisal of the Heavy Rain presentation we attended, hosted by David Cage and how we felt when we got our hands on the updated demo.

Many thanks to Jamie Cheng for the interview and Carolyn Carnes for arranging it. We hope to hear more as Shank’s development continues.

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