EA’s MMA Trailer


If you where watching Strikeforce last night you got to see a couple good fights.  The fight that I wish went a little different was the Shields vs. Miller.   Shields did a great job of keeping Miller grounded, but if weren’t for the bell in the third round the outcome of the fight would have been a little different and Miller would have won.  The Main Event was a great fight and should be mentioned, with both of the big boys duking it out and Fedor Emelianeko winning by TKO, taking Brett Rodgers out in Round 2.

Now for the big event.  If you didn’t get up to grab another beer or some chips, you got to see the trailer for EA’s upcoming MMA game.  The trailer is said to be actual gameplay and when I first saw it I thought it was the two fighters I was just watching, that’s how real it looked.  So if you think Fedor should give Brett a rematch you will have your chance sometime in 2010.  EA’s MMA is set to be released for the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3.

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  • the skin textures looked soft and not really realistic.

    The thing about EA’s MMA game that I’m curious is what is going to set it apart?

    They don’t have the brand nor the fighters behind it that matters, what is it going to bring to the table that will make it better?