Get To Know P*N’s Staff: Steven O’Rourke

Next up is Steven O’Rourke from Georgia who hails from Petoskey Michigan and shopped at a place called Jellybeans, and walked away with his PlayStation 1 and not jelly beans?


I am Steven O’Rourke aka (Fatal45) and I’m a gamer. I was born in Petoskey, Michigan on December 30th, 1988 and lived in Michigan until I was 15 before moving to Georgia.
I have been playing video games since I was 4 or 5 years old and It all started with my first gaming console the SNES playing Super Mario World in fact it was the first game I can remember beating and it felt so good to beat Bowser and the flying blimp thing. My next gaming console would be the one I have the fondest memory’s of.  The Nintendo 64 it was and is still one of my favorite gaming consoles games like James Bond 007 and Mario Kart 64 where games I had a BLAST playing! I remember thinking how could it get any better than this? Well that’s where the PlayStation comes in. I got it refurbished from some random game store called Jellybeans in Flint, MI for about $100 with the PS1 games like the Driver series and the Twisted Metal games stick out most when thinking back. The PS2 would be my next console in my gaming arsenal with the GTA games and NASCAR games this got me into racing games and still thinking back I had some really fun games for my PS2, but sadly it broke on me and I could no longer enjoy my favorite PS2 games. This is were I turned to the Xbox and never really looked back the first Halo game had me playing system link in my friends basement for hours and countless other games had me hook to that big black box. My times with my Xbox are what made me choose the Xbox 360 as my next gen gaming console and still is the only one I own even though the PS3 is looking very tempting the 360 has some of the best looking games and the most fun games I have ever played with Forza, Mass Effect, CoD4 and Fallout 3 with more coming out its really one of my favorite gaming consoles ever.

With my gaming history out of the way I will briefly talk about how I got into writing at PN and really paying attention to gaming news and podcasts on the net. I was asked to be a guest on the Artificial Intelegents podcast and after a few times was asked to be a permanent host and really had a lot of fun doing podcasts and if asked today to do one I would probably say hell yes because I had a blast doing them I was also a guest on XBL Radio more than a few times and that is what got me into the community here at Platform Nation. After doing the AI Podcast for awhile we parted ways and I joined PN as a site writer and here I am almost 2yrs later still writing for this awesome community here at Platform Nation.

Ah, the Nintendo 64 and James Bond now that was a match made in heaven.  Thanks Steve!

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  • Jordan Silverthorne (Silverthorne)

    I too loved my N64; went back and played it again while back… I remember it being better. I guess that the current generation of consoles has just spoiled me.

    Good piece.

  • Mario Tennis 64 is still one of my all time favorite games and I didn’t even own a Nintendo 64.

  • Steven ORourke(Fatal45)

    Yeah the N64 was awesome…star wars rogue squadron was great too… i think jet force gemini was fun also it reminded me of starship troopers cause of the bugs…

    lol there is/was a place in flint where my aunt lived called jellybeans and it was a game/movie/music lots of old records too, but no candy 🙁

  • Steven ORourke(Fatal45)

    ps: the picture 4 me atleast ain’t loading and thanks scott

  • Sorry Steve. All Fixed!