Hear Kyle on the PSNerds Podcast!

As mentioned on the last episode, Kyle decided to cheat on us here at Critical Strike and record a episode of the PSNerds podcast with those fine gents.

“With Chard down for the count with aids or cancer or something, Pete and Billy trudge on and invite in Kyle from the Critical Strike Podcast. Billy shares the tale of masturbation and photoshop gone awry. Pete and Kyle pepper Billy with questions over Bioware’s newest RPG Dragon Age. All three nerd out hard over Borderlands and discuss not wanting to discuss all the hubbub surrounding Modern Warfare 2. Random games from Forza to Punch Out to Final Fantasy 6 round out one very smelly podcast.”

Direct Download
Download audio file (PSNerds24.mp3?nvb=20091111014118&nva=20091112015118&t=0d0fcbae7c97c7180c07f)

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