Get To Know P*N’s Staff: Patrick Talbert

This update brings you Patrick Talbert,  if you don’t see a new article posted by Patrick, you will probably find him on Twitter talking video games or sports.

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Patrick Talbert (AzraelPC):

I’m 29 years old and have been gaming since the Nintendo hit the market in
the 80’s. I’ve always been a lover of both sports and video games, but in
the last few years, since college graduation, my active participation in
sports has dwindled, likely due to the area in which I live (middle of
nowhere). My love and active participation in video games has never waned,
and we will continue to see better and better games come out as the years
continue to go by.

I’ve owned an NES, SNES, SONY PlayStation, SEGA Dreamcast, SONY PlayStation
2, Microsoft Xbox, and Microsoft Xbox 360. My favorite of those is currently
the Xbox 360 because of the visually-stunning graphics and plethora of
exclusive titles that have become available for it since it’s launch in

When I’m not gaming, I’m likely watching something on ESPN (not necessarily
a game), the History/HIST Intl Channels, HGTV, Food Network, or the Travel
Channel. I loathe ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX because it’s nothing but series (which I
don’t like getting ‘sucked’ into watching week after week) and reality TV
trash. I also spend time with my wonderful fiancée of 7 years (8 years on
December 2) and our cat, Smokey.

Although I’m currently unemployed, my spirits are high because I’m planning
to begin training later this month to earn my CompTIA A+, Network+, and
Security+ certifications, which will open up numerous doors for me to
further my IT career. My future plans after that include my MCSE (Microsoft
Certified Systems Engineer) and CCNA (CISCO Certified Network Associate)

Finally, the titles that I am looking forward to playing in the next few
months include Dragon Age Origins (both PC and Xbox 360) and Mass Effect 2.
After that, titles on my ‘watch’ list include Alan Wake and Alpha Protocol.
I’m sure that I’ve forgotten a couple, but that’s life.

Thanks Patrick and good luck with all the training you will be starting this month, don’t know when you will have time to game, but I have faith in you and I know you will find the time.

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