XBL Facebook, Last F.M. Zune Video And Twitter Update Nov. 17th


After all the teasing and waiting since E3 2009, all Xbox Live members will be able to use Facebook, Last F.M. and Twitter on Nov 17th. Major Nelson announced the launch on his blog earlier today.

While many hardcore gamers do not see the appeal of Facebook or Twitter on their consoles, I believe that casual gamers will be very excited that soon they will be able to read tweets from their couches. The Xbox is doing a great job appealing to both the hardcore and the casual while not alienating either group. This new update will continue the 360’s march toward living room dominance for the whole family.

The less talked about, Zune Video is also included in this update. The Zune Video marketplace will replace the current video service and will allow uses to buy movies and will allow instant, 1080p streaming movies.

This update isn’t as huge as the NXE update, but it shows that Microsoft is committed to evolving the Xbox 360 throughout its lifetime.

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