GameStop To Sell DLC

gme-lGameStop has the market tied up with used games, now it will try to sew up the DLC market.  GameStop will start to sell DLC for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 starting next year, as of yet Nintendo has not jumped on the selling of DLC through the used game giant.  I like the idea on one hand but on the other I still don’t see why?  Let me explain if I am looking to maybe purchase a friend or relative some DLC for their favorite game,  I guess I would by the DLC from GameStop so I could give it to them and they would still have to download it.  Really no difference than if I where to buy them a specific denomination card depending on the network or marketplace said card was being purchased for.  So I ask why?  It’s  not like we are getting a disc, we would be purchasing a code to download.  I do understand that the piracy is cutting a big gash in the gaming industry, but I really don’t see how DLC would even be brought into the fold of piracy.

I guess we will have to wait and see if this new program will work, I really don’t see a use for it but for some it may be something they are interested in.

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  • I wonder if they see the success of Amazon’s DLC store and want to get in on that. Granted, I don’t think Amazon sells game addons and such. I think they just sell Points, Live Subscription and XBLA games.

    It would be nice to be able to buy actual game add-ons and such from GameStop.. As long as they do not price them higher then you could just buy them on your console.