B-I-B-L-E That’s The Game For Me

Remember the good old days when books were the only way to get your enjoyment and reading in. Well welcome to the digital age where everything will sooner or later become a movie or video game. You name it and it has probably at one time been popularized to today’s media and made available outside of the original form. Even with the start of Nintendo there was a Bible game. Now what if you could take that one step further even getting your Bible on your 360.

Well you are in luck one company called B&H is bringing the Bible to users on the Xbox 360. They figured if you can have movies music and games on a system why not a book. It will be a great tool for youth centers with a Xbox already.  This app called Bible Navigator X should be available sometime in December for the price of 400 Microsoft points about 5 dollars.

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Check out the website here: Bible Navigator X

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  • ZED

    Really, they’re gonna make you pay for this?