My Days Of MW2

NOTE: This is not a review, these are my personal thoughts about MW2. This is all my opinion and please don’t call me out on it. I would love it if we have a constructive argument. Thank you.


I’ve been a follower of the MW2 hype for over a year now. I thought it wouldn’t surpass CoD4, but just improve over its flaws. I pre-ordered the Veteran edition, watched all the trailers and was expecting a hell of a ride.

For the first day of MW2, I played through the campaign. I’ve heard people argue that it is way too “unrealistic” and “shallow”, but I think an element of CoD’s stories has always been OTT. They pushed a realistic scenario in Call of Duty 4, they did it marvelously well. I think they took “OTT” and just ran with it, but never took realism into account. That’s not a bad thing at all and some scenes, such as the airport scene, can really pull a few emotional strings that we’re not used to. For four and a half hours, it’s one of the best campaigns I’ve ever played. The ending could even be one of the best in gaming history, although the final cliffhanger is a bit stupid.

I hopped on multiplayer and after an hour or two, I found the FAMAS to be a one shot kill and for the whole multiplayer to be just built upon the foundation of CoD4. I thought this was honestly the best multiplayer ever made. For the first day, I thought it was easier to get kills, but also easier to die.

Day two of MW2, I spent it on Spec Ops. I did most of the missions with kk. ( I think) and we had a blast. The AC-130 mission is frustrating yet so clever and the snowmobile chase is just lulz. Holding out against waves of enemies was fun too, but the real good stuff came a few hours later. I played the mission “Evasion” (the sniper mission set in the level of “Contingency”) with a friend of mine. We engaged in mission chatter over MSN for more than an hour, talking about our strategy and positions. It was so much fun and so engrossing.

I hopped on multiplayer a bit, and my K/D ratio began to fall.  A friend and I  played 3rd person teams and had a real blast. It flew past my expectations and was a real kicker. On the second day, I thought it was easier to get killed, but it took skill to not be killed.

Day three of MW2, I spent on multiplayer. That’s when things started to hit home. I wasn’t getting good scores, and I checked the leaderboards to see if anyone else was having lag issues. While looking at a particular game, I noticed everyone just about had the same K/D of me (2-1); not a bad K/D for a bunch of noobs, but it started to scare me. If Infinity Ward actually balanced it past the point in which everyone gets the same experience and the same frustration. Maybe they thought skill couldn’t be a factor in their games anymore.

On day three, I thought it was as easy to get kills, as it was easy to be killed.

Day four arrived and this is when everything just fell to pieces. I wasn’t getting a good scores, no one was. Now the problem was even worse, thanks to the whole community scaling up to around level 35. I was killed by FAMAS’, riot shields, M16, Raffickas and so on. My thoughts were that Activision asked Infinity Ward to make it more “player friendly”… in other words “noob friendly”. So, to fix one unbalanced gun, they added more in. It is like covering up a mistake with even more mistakes. Two lefts down make a right.

Day four, I thought it was easier to be killed than to get kills.

Day five of MW2 and that’s just it. I can’t take anymore. I’m really not that bad of a player, a usual 2.11 k/D or something on COD4 (probably won’t be that because my cousin comes over and shouts racial slurs and sucks at the game).  There’s nothing, nothing at all keeping me playing the multiplayer. It’s shockingly bad. So much that I took a trip back to Call of Duty 4, and enjoyed it a hell lot more. I don’t play MW2 multiplayer and have fun and when I’m killed, I don’t look forward to taking revenge or getting more kills. I’m tired of this, I can’t play this anymore.

My thoughts: Single-player and Spec Ops are perfect in my eyes. The multiplayer is just so shockingly bad and boring that there’s no point to even playing it. I still think both Spec Ops and Single-player are worth the money by far, but CoD is no longer the king of multiplayer, and neither is Infinity Ward.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go pre-order Battlefield Bad Company 2.

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  • I don’t know what to tell you I’ve been playing it since day one 2-3hrs a day and I’m playing just as good as I did in CoD 3, 4 and W@W that’s a 1.5 K/D. I haven’t had any issues with unbalanced guns but I must say all guns are unbalanced, If all guns were the same there wouldn’t be multiple guns on the market. My only beef with MW2 is heartbeat monitors, its like having a UAV for the whole game now that’s very noobish. Anyway I hope you have a better experience with BF: BC !