Project Natal Rumor: Priced To Please

While hanging out with my neighbors recently it came to my attention just how much hype there is for Project Natal.  From not-yet console owners to father’s forwarding Youtube videos to their adult sons, the excitement is ablaze and it’s not just here in the states but all over the world.

If UK website MCV really did get their hands on some insider information during a “behind-closed-doors” interview then there is even more to celebrate.  MCV is reporting that in November of 2010, Natal is to be released and cost around £50 (approx. $83) when sold as camera only.  Another source claimed it could go for as little as £30 (approx. $50). In their words, Microsoft wants to make Natal an “impulse buy” for as many console owners as they can. During an MCV interview, Phil Spencer of Microsoft Game Studios stated,

“When Natal arrives it will feel like a new generation has come,” he said. “I see it like the launch of 360 in November ‘05. Consumers don’t want another $400 box right now.”

MCV’s source also reports that as many as 5 million units could be available from launch and Xbox consoles coming prepackaged with natal are sure to be in that mix.  14 Project Natal compatible games were also discussed from committed developers such as Ubisoft to Bethesda.  This invokes images of the next Halo or Elder Scrolls game play in a whole new light.

If Natal does manage to stay under the $100 mark, then I will definitely pick this up, impulse buy or not.

natal demo

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  • Silverthorne

    Oh absolutely. I think a lot of us who know the industry were expecting something closer to $149.99, considering the technology. $50 to $80 would be a pleasant surprise.