A Ghost Among Us

Have you played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 yet? I assume most of you have at least played the story through once. If not get out from under the rock and give the story a play through. During the madness of what is so lovably called war you meet Ghost one of those like-able characters. Wait you say you have heard that voice before?  Well Craig Fairbrass who not only did the voice for Ghost in MW2, but also voiced the equally unfortunately named Gaz in the original Modern Warfare is back again.


***Spoiler Alert*** If you have not played, Ghost unfortunately meets his doom and is killed in the name of justice and peace, making him a more like-able Hero.  ***Spoiler ended***

Wildstorm will soon also feature Ghost with six comics. The comic is set to give you a back story on the mask and the reason he is called Ghost.  If that wasn’t enough, Ghost may be on the verge of getting his very own game. So keep a look out and you may soon catch your own glimpse of a Ghost.

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  • “killed in the name of justice and peace”
    What do you mean by this? He is killed by Shepard who is a corrupt, decietful murdering sociopath. Ghost’s death is unjust and, shepard hopes will lead to more war with Russia.

  • I meant killed in justice and peace as in fighting for it