Russia Pulls MW2 From Shelves, Bans Game, Possibly

Modern Warfare 2 broke records this past week with the largest first day sales ever for a game but the large numbers don’t necessarily mean easy sailing for Infinity Ward.  For anyone who has played through the campaign or has been keeping up to date with any mW2 news at all, you should be aware of the controversial Airport scene where the player is given the option to shoot fleeing civilians.

It should be said that Infinity Ward makes the player well aware that there is graphic gameplay and gives the option to opt out without any effects to your gamerscore but this wasn’t enough for the Russian Federation. It is rumored that they have pulled the title completely from the shelves and have recalled games already sold which has left Infinity Ward scrambling to release an edited copy with the Airport level completely removed. Whether Russia’s government will agree to this is yet to be seen.


Thanks Edge, and if you can read Russian find out more here and let us know what the heck is going on.

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