Braid on the PSN…For Free!


Jonathan Blow’s Braid was a 2008 nominee for Game of the Year from the Married Gamers when it was released on the Xbox 360. Last Thursday, the Indie hit downloadable game premiered on the PS3 on the Playstation Store for $14.99. One lucky reader will get Braid for free!

We have one download code for Braid on the PSN and we’re giving it away on Monday November 23rd. To enter, simply reply to this post saying what you’d do if you were the master of time.

Make sure you leave your email address in your Intense Debate profile or include your twitter name in your post so we can contact the winner on Monday, Nov. 23rd.

Edit: Hey guys, to enter this contest you have to go to their site. Sorry for the confusion.

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  • Jake Green

    I played the trial of Braid on the 360 and loved it, so I do hope i win ;P (also twitter: @HuntingJake)

  • In the Role of Master Of Time i would do a lot of things, Fixing the Mistakes of the Past, Bringing to the Past Technology, and the Most Important Thing, i would make a Costume like the Crysis’ Nanosuit to Recreate that Trailer of Timeshift in Live action that i used to love ;D xD hope you like my answer

  • totoguy

    I would speed up diablo 3’s development 🙂

  • I would slow down time of the current generation, so there’s no rush for a new console.

    I would also use my powers to spread out when game developers release new games… 10+ blockbusters in 3 months? WHO is that a good idea for ???

  • if I was the master of time I would pause time daily, rearrange people’s stuff and then unpause, for no reason what so ever.

  • Gekkoton

    I’d go to the future and buy some hovering skateboards and then sell them for a high price in the present!

  • Gekkoton

    oh and my twitter name is Gekkoton, sorry for this second post :S

  • If I was the master of Time I would have to re-do high-school. Easy choice for me. (Twitter xUltimateSinx)

  • Miqualke

    I will go forward to see who is the winner of the contest, then go back before he posts to reply the answer instead of him !
    if i win, it will prove i really am the master of time !

    twitter @miqualke

  • PlayingMantis

    If I was the master of time I would know that Miqualke would go forward in time and copy the winning entry, so I would post exactly what Miqualke posted, then wait for him to go back to before I posted, and beat me to it.

    Then I would come up with an even better post, before using my control over time to hook up with sexy women of the past and future.

    twitter @PlayingMantis37