Facebook Hits The PS3 Today

Call it keeping up with the 360 if you want, but according to PSN director Eric Lempel, Facebook on PS3 has “been in the works for quite some time.”


The new 3.10 firmware releases today and brings Facebook integration to the PS3. This will allow your console to post trophy updates to your news feed, among other things. First party developers have also been given the tools to start integrating the new feature into games. Current games can be patched to include Facebook integration much like they’ve been doing with trophies.

It will be interesting to see if Sony’s implementation is better or worse than Microsoft’s. Since the PS3 is able to browse the internet, it may allow for a richer experience. Or it could be like the Netflix integration and fall short.


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  • Sean

    Is the update out in the UK today or just the USA?

  • Sound good