Fight Zombies! Win Left 4 Dead 2 from TMG!

by Chris Brown


EA and Valve sent a copy of Xbox 360 version Left 4 Dead 2 that one lucky reader with a little imagination will be able to win. Left 4 Dead 2 continues the excitement for the original game which was a Married Gamers nominee for Game of the Year in 2008. With four all new characters and new Southern locales, Left 4 Dead 2 looks to expand upon the original’s success. The game offers 5 new “movies” in which the four survivors must try to stay together to stay alive.

To enter, readers must post a new Left 4 Dead “movie” they would love to see. For example, I’d love to see a “movie” set at Cape Canaveral, Florida in which the survivors must battle their way to the NASA launch pad and actually leave the planet in a Space Shuttle to escape the Infected Hordes.

This contest is open until November 30th and is open to readers from the U.S. only. Please make sure you have either a twitter or email address in your Intense Debate profile so we can contact the winner.

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  • ZED

    Aww, U.S participants only? I would have done a map in Canada…


    Setting in Disney World.
    Premise to escape the park from Space Mountain to the Main Street entrance and escape to safety on the Mono Rail.

  • Daniel Manning

    I’d love to see a campaign that takes place on a nuclear submarine. Full of zombies. HO YEAH.

  • How about set in a gulog located out in the middle of nowhere in Siberia.

    Not only do you have to escape from the infected, but you have to escape from the prison & the uncaring Russian guards.

  • polo14player

    Movie Title – Supermarket Sweep
    Tag Line – “A head of lettuce isn’t the only head you’ll be checking out with!!”
    About – survivors must make there way to the stock room (safe room) at the back of the supermarket, starting off in the front office survivors will have to make there way through the produce department, the carts, the checkouts, the beer cooler, frozen section, even the bulk section and much much more!!!

    • Movie Title: The Playboy Mansion
      Tag Line: “Some things still float even after death”
      Details: Exploring the Mansion in ways never before, with a new Special Infected, The Heffantor, with the ability to control a mass amount of blond playboy bunnie girls to attack you which they have the same ability as a Hunter. You try to navigate you way out into the backlawn to escape on Heff’s personal jet.

      PS: not sure but i can’t comment on here with my intense debate profile.

      • super_rad83

        dude u copied polo!!! loser!

  • Bkm

    I would like to see a L4D “movie” set in Russia, where the survivors would have to fight of zombies, find food and try to escape into Georgia.

  • Randomguy

    Title – “Dark Matter”

    Tag – “In space, no one can hear you reloading”

    Setting – The International Space Station and space (where else?).

    Story – The four survivors realize in horror that this fictional ISS (with more people on it then there should be) has been hit by the infection! They must make their way through the sometimes bleck inner working of the ISS and float for their lives in the low gravity zones. One type of themed infected could be one dressed in astronaut gear.
    For the end, they would have to wait for a rescue shuttle – outside of the ISS. Yep, low-G, astronaut gear, hordes of infected coming from every direction (don’t ask where they’re coming from), and weapons that somehow work in space. After the survivors are out of harms way, the ISS goes up in a fantastic, notatallpossible exsplosion (they had to take measures you know).
    Throw in some more spacey stuff, and it’d really be something to see!

  • Superwashcloth

    “Death Metal”

    “They’re screaming alright – but not for the music!”

    Takes place at a concert. What else needs to be said? The guitar melee weapon would feel right at home, knocking the heads off of these appropriately dressed metal heads. Could you imagine, having to make your way to the concert, find a way IN the concert, tear through a huge crowd of infected to get backstage, and then finally, onto the ridiculously huge stage and have your last stand waiting for the rescue copter as hordes of infected start bum-rushing the stage, every sound being amplified throughout the stadium?
    I can.