CoD Online Possibilities

CoDCall of Duty is a very popular franchise as of recently; the newly released Modern Warfare 2 is soaring in popularity. Whenever a new game comes out that does well it is fairly standard for a variety of rumors to emerge surrounding the future. One such rumor is that we will be getting a new MMO set in the Call of Duty-verse.

According to, it has been officially announced that a third development team will be working on the franchise. This could be just another team to take the load off of Infinity Ward and Treyarch, who have been taking turns releasing a game every year. This gives them only two years to develop a whole new game, and while they have done good so far, it would not be unwise to give them an extra year in the cycle by adding a new developer to the mix.

But a new team could also be used to take the property in a new direction. It has also been reported that Activision is considering taking the franchise into the MMO setting as well. Could this new team be working on an online world? It is possible, especially if Activision thinks it will make a profit on it, which wouldn’t surprise me with the following they have gotten.

That being said, I don’t see the need for an MMO. The online features of Modern Warfare 2 seem adequate at the least, and excellent at the best. I don’t see a new online game with its own fees and everything being much more than the current system reworked a bit with a few new gimmicks. So here is to hoping that whatever they decide to do, they don’t try to milk us for money without giving us something brand new.

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