Get To Know P*N’s Staff: Nathan Hardisty

Next up we have one of our younger writers here at Platform Nation.   In the beginning Nathan kept the editing team on their toes with his mom jokes inserted somewhere in his post, soon the cat and mouse game ended and Nathan settled in just fine.  Lets take a look at Nathan Hardisty.

*Note* This is not Nathan, but he did not provide a picture so we can only assume he may look like this.

*NOTE* This is not a picture of Nathan as we really don’t know what he looks like so we can only assume.

I am Nathan Hardisty and I still don’t know how I got this job. I’m an Englishman, not totally proud of that, and I’m probably the youngest at the site. I was born the 14th September 1994 and I’m only a measly 15 year old.

I’ve been playing games since I was 4 years old, and my first title was Crash Bandicoot back on the PlayStation. I was awful at it and did a baby whine every time I died but I was already hooked. I began flying through the huge catalogue of PS1 classics. From Metal Gear to Blasto – a game so bad that I thought it was good.

But there was one game that has grown up alongside me, a whole franchise that is now a pop culture icon in its own right. Grand Theft Auto. Yes I was eight years old at the time and you could call it bad parenting, but when that thing landed in my disc drive, I was in love. I’ve followed GTA ever since and although we’ve both had our ups and downs, it still holds a precious place in my heart.

The PS2/Xbox was just releasing and I decided to just get a PS2, seeing no point in trying to stretch my hands around the mammoth Xbox controller. My first PS2 game was that awful Crash Bandicoot title, it left quite and impression.

A series called Hitman came along and changed my perspective on video-games as a whole, and as I started to discuss games in the classroom, the little blogger inside me took to it. I was starting to formulate debates and arguments on why games were bad or good, I even started reading some of the gaming magazines around. It was too tame for my liking and I needed something meaty.

Nothing changed after that, except that my “best game of all time” came along (Shadow of the Colossus) and when I hit the age of twelve I decided to start writing down my ideas about video-games. I put them all into a blog called The Purple View, and didn’t really move from my safe spot of thirty readers until around a year later. I moved around various sites, PS3 forums and even invested some of my time into crafting fiction and even getting hooked on the world of politics.

Platform Nation posted an ad on the PlayStation Blog Twitter page and I just went for it, nothing else to lose, the fansites and such I had been on had all collapsed and so I put all my heart and effort into getting in. When I did get in, I was running around like a headless chicken, I started writing about everything and anything and eventually settled on something.

Games that nobody plays anymore.

It was easy and fun to do, to go back and play the games from years back. Some of my opinions were widely despised but I didn’t care, they’re my thoughts and they’re on the internet. I official abandoned The Purple View when I joined the site, but I have no regrets.

So yeah, that’s me.

Thanks Nathan for the bio!

Here’s Nathans Twitter link and his Xbox 360 gamertag.

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