Sam and Max: Season 2 Review

Game Review: Sam and Max: Beyond Time and Space


Release: July 2009
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Telltale Games
Available Platforms: 360, PC, Wii
Players: 1
MSRP: 1600 MSP
ESRB Rating: T

Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space, also known as Season 2 of the hilarious Sam and Max games that Telltale Games have brought us has finally hit the Xbox Live Arcade for the same price as the last season, 1600 MSP.

This new season brings all the quirky and smart gameplay features of the first season, but makes them so much more slicker, so much different. Telltale have definitely gone out of there to try and make this season of Sam and Max hit the ground hard. With exotic, underground and even alien locations for Sam and Max to travel to. The completely random and amazing deep locations that have been made in this game throughout the five different and quite lengthy episodes keep you gripped to the story, and the endings of each episode make you want to hit play on the next episode straight away. The first thing you will find when you make your way throughout the episodes is that each episode is linked. If you play the episodes in order (which you should obviously do..) then you will find that things that you have done previously in other episodes and even the previous season will start appearing. This game is amazing at moments like this, because while throwing an egg out of a window would seem completely random, if you are stood outside the office three episodes later and an egg you needed comes flying out of the window then you will undoubtedly give a little grin to the smart humor in this game.


And trust me. This game has humor. Practically every line that Sam or Max spew out of their animal mouths will put a grin on your face. Some of the jokes are hit and miss. But sometimes they will say something that is said at the exact perfect time and it will knock you on the floor laughing. Sam and Max and two fantastic characters and the natural hilarity that they have between them in general conversation. Also some of the also good side characters are back. Such as Bosco, the inconvenience store owner. But you will meet some new characters, all with unique personalities such as the Devil himself. Or a baby rat that every sentence is a swear word. But then it comes down to you to figure out how you can use each personality trait to your advantage when it comes to moving forward in the story, but don’t worry, Sam and Max keep you entertained with funny comments pretty much all the time.


The episodes themselves are about 3 hours each I would say, but for someone that isn’t used to these kind of games, it may take 5 hours for each. Which means you are getting a pretty good amount of game time playing this game.  The colourful environments and different voices in this game are definitely back, but this time they are to the extreme. I have found one thing with this game that has unfortunately not been fixed, which is the framerate. Season 1 had a possibly unbearable framerate, and i’m afraid to say that it has not been fixed this time either. I’m sure it’s not that simple to port a game from PC to XBLA, but they could have at least attempted as even such a simple act as opening a door makes the framerate shudder like an earthquake has grasped your TV.


If you are a fan of Sam and Max or have played the first season then Sam and Max Beyond Time and Space is perfect for you and you should buy it straight away. But if you haven’t even heard of Sam and Max then I recommend that you play Season 1, and then you should get this second fantastic season after it.


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