Sony Clarifies “Paid Subscription” on PSN


I just thought I would post this little snippet of news, even though it’s been around for the weekend.

Sony is considering charging for ‘premium content and services’ in the future regarding PSN.

Yes, you read that correctly.

While you will still be able to frag with your friends in multiplayer, Sony has finally realized that there is an untapped revenue stream in the form of other ‘premium content and services’ that they haven’t been taking advantage of, and they appear poised to begin tapping said revenue stream.

I’m not disappointed that Sony isn’t charging for a pay-to-play subscription because, frankly, I wouldn’t pay to play on PSN anyway. I’m perfectly happy paying my $4 and pennies per month to play on the best service in the world.

Anyway, just thought you guys should know. Happy fragging!!


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  • It’s like the 360’s version on Silver and Gold. But on the PS3, Silver would have more features than the 360.

  • Good point. If XBL Silver included Party-creation and MP-gaming, that would satisfy millions of gamers. Of course, the likelihood of that happening is slightly less than the Browns winning the Super Bowl this year.

  • Dark_Pinoy

    No…. mostly their saying that you would keep your stuff but instead of getting demo’s on say…. thursday… you would get them like a week earlier than everyone. You are mostly paying to get the content earlier than everyone else.