Get To Know P*N’s Staff: Anne Kenny

Next up we bring you one of our newest staff members.  Anne has recently joined the ranks of P*N as a writer and has brought her whole entourage to the forums with her.  Welcome to the family Anne!


My name is Anne Kenny (Kanonei), I am 26 years old and I live in the Greater Milwaukee area with my husband, Chad (Ckenny81), my daughter Kylie (6) and my son Cade (2). I stay home with my kids and have been working on writing a young adult novel, though recently progress has been slow because I have been busy reading, writing, and playing all things video games.

This isn’t anything new, I have been playing games since the ripe old age of four when my grandma let me and my brother Ben “borrow” her NES and we failed to return it. I remember sitting around the kitchen table while she was telling us about this great new game called Tetris and after digging through the massive bag of cartridges that included Zelda, Mario+ Duck Hunt, etc… I was addicted.

Since then I’m sure I have easily played hundreds of games from virtually all of the Mario’s to the majority of Final Fantasy’s on everything from computer, Nintendo, Sega, PlayStation, and Xbox. In fact Final Fantasy VII is still on the top of my list for all time greatest games but I was playing the original before I could even read half of the words. In the early days, my younger brother and I played almost everything as a team trading off. I had to read Super Mario Bros to him all the way through to the end but he was a gamer before kindergarten just as I was. From time to time there would be fights over whose turn it was or violent frustrations over losing a life and so the term “Nintendo attitude” was coined. (I still use the phrase to this day regardless of the system.) I was usually gracious enough to share.

As I got older and found a reunited love with video games, we also started Secret Society gaming sessions which deserve further explanation. When I was 18, I joined the Army National Guard and I was preparing to ship off to basic training. In the week prior to my sendoff I was basically in shock over the drastic choice I had made, thankfully this was also around the time that I discovered Bethesda’s Morrowind. I played day and night the entire week and keeping up with tradition my brother would sometimes sit in late at night and offer advice. In time my other younger brother, Bobby (NEONRICK), joined in as well. We called these meetings secret society sessions for no other reason besides the fact that we just didn’t tell my sister, Sarah (R3GULADY), about them, in fact it took years for her to even know why we would whisper secret society out of nowhere and laugh hysterically. She eventually forgave us (I hope) and now can be found playing Halo and MW2 along with the rest of us.

So now that I’m off and married to a guy who still can’t believe I have no problems sitting in and being his co-pilot while he games, I’m still going strong racking up my XBL gamer score. I play as much as possible with two young kids, a limited budget, and being part of a husband and wife duo that have to share a console. Hopefully now that I have been given the chance to write for P*N, I’ll have an excuse to get in more playing time. Thanks for reading, see you online!

Thanks Anne for the bio and for all those interested here’s Annes Twitter and Facebook.

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  • Update: We no longer have to share a console because my beautiful talented totally awesome sister (and brother in law) bought me a second Xbox for Christmas. Apparently there is still some bad blood with the whole ss.

  • Sarah Sallmann

    I never knew where “secret society” came from until I read this…. still salty.


    It’s a shame you haven’t got a ps3 I’d love to be plating against you all on modern warfare2 I may have to invest in another xbox me thinks