MAG Beta Code Give Away


Well Platform Nation as you might have read earlier in the week the MAG Beta has been extended and it looks like your favorite gaming website has a large number of codes to giveaway!  So what do you have to do to get your hands on one of the MAG beta codes you maybe asking yourself.  Well it’s simple just leave us a message right here letting us know what your are looking forward to in the game, it doesn’t have to be long just let us and the community what you are looking forward to in MAG, after that make sure to take a look at some of the latest on the latest MAG beta.

Make sure to leave a good email address as well so we can get a hold of all of you. And don’t worry, we have a LOT to give away, you guys keep entering and we will keep giving away. Only one code per email though, sorry.

Feel free to also register at Platform Nation to always stay in the know. You can also follow us on Twitter or subscribe to us on your Google News Reader or your other favorite RSS reader.

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  • Peter

    I am looking forward to team play and sooooo many different variables happening at once!!!

  • matty

    I am looking forward to shouting at people who don’t listen to the squad and go all lone wolf. 🙂

  • Hello Platform Nation! We are GamingAhead and we publish video game content. We look forward to grabbing the code for MAG so we can finally preview it ourselves. Can’t wait!

  • Filmfreak1138

    I’m wanting to play with 200 plus people all at war and see how it plays before buying

  • I can’t wait for the Massive Multiplayer Action!

  • I am looking foward to Mag because my friends are looking foward too it. It also looks like a team game so everyone can’t just be running around doing there own thing.

  • bkm

    I’m looking forward to pretty much every aspect of it

  • Paul

    I am looking foward to the tactical side of things, having smaller squads doing different objectives.

  • I’m looking forward to meeting some great people online, and then shooting them 🙂

  • Kevin

    I’m looking forward to having the 256 players on one map at the same time! The leadership systems are also interesting.

  • Colin

    looking forward to the massive maps and multiplayer fun.. hope you can crash into people in jeeps!

  • robby1051

    So when you say extended, does that mean all my friends already in the beta will be playing against/with me provided i get a code here? or do they need new ones?

  • SirCut

    Looking forward to the multiplayer. 255 other players should make for some interesting gameplay.

  • RJMontalvo

    Looking forward to seeing whether the huge number of players is a gimmick or actually adds to the experience.

  • I am looking forward to playing with so many people at once that my head explodes, sending shockwaves through my headset. Then those shockwaves will explode my teammates’ heads, and so on and so on…

  • BLooDLUstz

    I am looking forward to how much team based the game really is

  • I am looking for a true all out, persistent war. Something that i can jump into play through some skirmishes and then hop off.

  • Kaiser Bill

    Looking forward to true army vs army battles instead of the usual backyard skirmishes.

  • hazer49

    I’m looking forward to playing S.V.E.R. on Sabotage and Raven on Domination

  • I am looking forward to see how it is going to be with the constant fighting and nonstop action…

  • psnmag

    I’m looking forward to having the 256 players on one map at the same time

  • Sheldon Ferguson

    I’m looking forward to the insane customization and making my character my own.

  • Cuban

    looking forward to the teamwork involved

  • I’m looking forward to playing large scale wars tactically and sniping helpless soldiers as they retreat back to their mummys.

  • michael

    i am looking forward to squading up with people to work together and beat the other team!!