• Michael

    Im foward this game because it look so cool! And all my friends have it and me dont! I want to test it!


    Can’t wait to use bigteam tactics, Raven look cool BUT who is the best ? Hmmm.

  • SmOkY-jOe

    i’m looking forwardto play with 256 playersonline

  • m1on9ta8na9

    looking forward to play MAG

  • markdisouza

    This recession blows! thankfully, we have MAG.

    Can I have a redeem code please?

  • YURA

    i want this beta!!!!!! please please please!!!!!!!want to kick some ….)))

  • can i have a code plz?

  • Jesse

    I can’t wait for this game, the whole fact that its supposed to be Call Of Duty x100. It sounds wicked. I also can’t wait for the uniqueness of the PMC’s to unfold. Please give me a beta code.

    Thank you.

  • jmappleseed

    MAG…idk…i wanna cry cuz they told me if i reserve the game at gamestop they’ll give me a beta code i get home and, it’s expired, i wanna play badly tired of no teamwork in cod, must have teamwork 256 ppl amazing