Multiplayer Mayhem: A Look at Bioshock 2

bioshock2title0320Oh Rapture, how I’ve missed you.

Oh no, not the “ecstatic joy or delight” kind of Rapture. No, I’m talkin’ about the Rapture. I’m talkin’ about the place where Splicers rule the roost, where Adam carries more clout than cash, and where, if you mess with the wrong Little Sister, you’ll have to answer to her Big Daddy.

Rapture. Once it was a source of wonder, a source of freedom. Now…now it’s a warzone. The question is: what went wrong?

bioshock-2With Bioshock 2 right around the corner, the powers that be decided to bestow us with an all-new multiplayer trailer. Enjoy the mayhem. You’ll be joining soon enough.

Bioshock 2 hits stores February 9th, 2010. Look for it on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Video comes via G4.

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