Digital Cowboys: Episode 132

DC 132

Swapgame / Mario Wii / Assassin’s Creed 2

This week we’re privileged to interview Marc Day; CEO and founder of We discuss the ups and downs of game rental by post and how over the years it’s expanded to a successful trade-in plan. Tony and I have both used Swapgame for a long time now and can honestly  recommend it to all our listeners in the UK.

After that Tony talks Mario Wii and Alex discusses Assassin’s Creed 2 in-depth after a week each of hard gaming. Find out if the worlds most famous plumber lives up to the rose-tinted memories of his 2D era peak, and if Ubisoft can deliver another killer blow. The music at the end of the show is Jonathan Coulton, whom Tony and I (along with Plex, Lizz and Sharon) saw live in London for the second time this year last week. The song is about cybernetic enhancements and is called “Better”.

Many many thanks to Marc for the interview.

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